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Prayer: Thank You for 28 Points

Updated: Oct 11, 2020


First, I just want to thank you. My son is 12 years old, about to be 13 in less than 60 days and he’s here, he’s thriving and growing. He has a smart mouth and a strong will. He’s creative and intelligent. He’s goofy and compassionate towards others and he has tremendous love, affection and care for children.

Our son was placed on the transplant list again, and at 28 points. This time he was placed on oxygen - the discovery that lead to the decision for a new liver. Torrey needs 40 points to be viewed at “priority status” for a new liver, but I know that he needs no, “points” to be your priority, Father.

I know you, Yahweh and I trust you and your hand and orchestration during this process, this journey. As your daughter, I have the privilege of asking you and declaring that my son will have no need for a new liver by way of transplant, but that you simply renew his liver, the one that connects him with his natural father in ways we have yet to discover.

However, I trust you. I trust your will and your sovereignty. You are the Author, the Play Writer and the only one I trust to write our lives in the way that brings you glory.

So, thank you for the journey. Thank you for 28 points. Thank you Father, for the journey to 40 points. Thank you for my son’s healing in your way.

Thank you.


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Disclaimer: The paypal screen will say "Tyvette Brown" after you've donated because TJ is a minor and the account cannot be in his name legally.)

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