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We Got The Call!

Tuesday, we received "the call" saying that there was a liver available for Torrey! We were all excited to hear this and Torrey Sr and Jr prepared themselves to head to the hospital to prepare for the surgery.

Once they arrived to the hospital, they received the unfortunate news that the liver was actually damaged from the trauma that the donor had experienced before their passing (I'm using vague terms to describe the donor, so that their identity is sealed). So, the liver transplant for Torrey Jr was canceled.

As this was sad news for our family; this being the second call we've received since September of this year; we also realize and trust that there's a perfect timing to everything. There's a purpose beyond what we normally see or sometimes even look for while in the thick of our situations.

In other words, we were able to pray for three families in the process of us waiting for the call for Torrey Jr. We didn't see them physically, but God knew he could trust us and others to pray for them in their times of celebration and grief.

So, Tuesday's call didn't end in the report that we were looking for however, we know that the Father's will was done and for that, we're grateful.

Torrey Jr is in good spirits!

Thank you to all who prayed and inquired during this time. Your prayers are not in vain. Our prayers and love go out to the families in the passing of their loved ones.


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Disclaimer: The paypal screen will say "Tyvette Brown" after you've donated because TJ is a minor and the account cannot be in his name legally.)

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